About Us

We are an Italian company active, since 1986, in advanced education of IT professionals.

"Professional development and business success are based on both information and knowledge. Technology Transfer is essentially knowledge transfer from people with experience on IT developments which are ahead of the curve. Learning about advanced applications is so much more effective when there is a platform which assists in explaining them and in diffusing them. Along with the transfer of skills and know-how from its faculty to the delegates participating to its seminars, Technology Transfer provides a wealth of information on information science issues. These include new methods and tools, as well as references to successes the delegates can replicate and failures they should be avoiding. This information improves their performance in their daily work, making it more timely and effective."

Dimitris Chorafas

Our Philosophy

We believed from the very beginning that, if we wanted to become an international point of reference in spreading IT know-how, we had to reach some fundamental goals:

  • cooperation with world-class gurus
  • correct spotting of strategic topics
  • total independence from vendors

Focus on Strategic Issues

We have always tried to provide in-depth analysis on issues mostly relevant for users. These efforts enabled us to become leaders in Italy to:

  • manage relational database issues as production tools in 1986
  • address Object-Oriented issues with James Odell in 1990 and then with Ed Yourdon, Ivar Jacobson and Martin Fowler
  • talk about Data Warehouse with Bill Inmon in 1992
  • believe in Function Point Analysis (1992), Software Reusability and Enterprise Web Technology

The same is true for Client/Server, Business Process Re-engineering, Rapid Prototyping Technologies and many topics.

Cooperation with Information Technology world-class gurus

Throughout the years we have cooperated with gurus who changed the landmark in IT Industry. To get more information on our prominent experts click on our speakers section.

Our Achievements

We are able to precisely measure our efforts: during all these years, thousands of IT professionals of Italian and European companies have chosen us acknowledging we have always provided qualitative, reliable, serious and authoritative services.

Towards the Future

Notwithstanding our achievements so far, we continue to identify the most important issues. If you believe in training as a know-how investment continue to follow us, even by making suggestions, by communicating your needs and interests.