Designing, building and running Serverless Applications on AWS

by John Chapin

From Monday November 5 2018 to Tuesday November 6 2018

Price: 1,300.00 Euro

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This comprehensive two-day workshop will prepare architects, developers, and other technical personnel to design, build, and operate scalable, well-architected Serverless applications on Amazon Web Services. Lectures covering Serverless fundamentals and advanced theory will be interspersed with hands-on, collaborative exercises to give participants practical experience with a range of Serverless technologies.

What you will learn

  • What is Serverless, and what distinguishes Serverless from other technology?
  • The best use cases for Serverless architectures (and which to avoid)
  • Details of the various Serverless technologies available on AWS, including Lambda
  • Common Serverless and hybrid architecture patterns
  • How to build and deploy Lambda functions using Java or Node.js
  • How to use infrastructure as code and CloudFormation to manage Serverless application components
  • How to operate and monitor Serverless applications at scale
  • How continuous delivery and Serverless shorten lead time and accelerate organizations
  • Main Topics

    • Serverless fundamentals and use cases
    • AWS Lambda and other Serverless AWS services
    • Serverless and hybrid application architecture
    • Continuous delivery for Serverless applications
    • Operations and monitoring of Serverless applications
    • Next steps with Serverless