Agile Approach to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

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There is unanimous agreement among “agile” authors, experts, and practitioners that agile development works for building small stand-alone systems, including front-end BI applications. However, there is considerable disagreement among the experts whether “agile” can work for large, complex systems like an Enterprise Data Warehouse, which requires an Enterprise perspective for activities like data standardization, data integration, enterprise data modeling, business rules ratification, coordinated ETL data staging, common meta data, collectively architected (designed) databases, and so on. Today’s popular agile methodologies do not take any of these additional DW-specific complexities and interdependencies into account. However, the presenter’s 7-step Extreme ScopingTM approach does.

What you will learn

  • Why the traditional approach does not work for DW/BI
  • General principles of agile development
  • Agile BI versus agile DW
  • What works and what doesn’t for DW projects
  • How to organize agile DW/BI project teams
  • Extreme ScopingTM 7-step planning process 
  • How to scale Extreme ScopingTM to the DW/BI program level

Main Topics

  • Common BI/DW failures and PM challenges
  • Software release concept with self-organizing project teams
  • Different project planning process
  • BI Roadmap spiral methodology
  • BI program management
  • Best practices/critical success factors
  • Organizational culture change