Testing Cloud Applications

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Many Businesses and consumers are moving to Cloud-based technologies such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). This transition has major quality implications for both the provider and the consumer. Testing is fundamentally different in this approach.

This course teaches how to test services and applications that are cloud-based. You will learn what makes cloud technology unique to testers, and how to best assure the quality of computing you receive from Cloud-based applications. The lessons are reinforced with hands-on exercises.

You will gain understanding of Cloud technologies and architecture, learn the two major perspectives of Cloud testing – the provider and the consumer views, and learn where best to focus your efforts. This course also covers performance and security issues in Cloud Computing and how testing can reduce risks in those areas.

Many companies are developing mobile applications to extend their products and services to consumers. You will also learn the impact of the cloud on testing mobile devices.

Cloud Computing raises important questions for testers, such as:

  • What can reasonably be tested in the Cloud?
  • Where should we focus Cloud testing efforts?
  • Which testing techniques and tools are most effective for the Cloud?
  • How can we apply the testing techniques?
  • Which risks can testing help reduce?

This course helps you answer these questions for your situation.

Main Topics

  • Defining Your Cloud Test Strategy
  • Test Environments
  • Functional Testing of Cloud Applications
  • The Role of Test Automation
  • Testing Cloud Security
  • Testing Cloud Performance
  • Testing Cloud Reliability and Availability
  • Testing Mobile Computing
  • Transitioning to the Cloud