Finding Business Value in Social Computing

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Social Computing has grown exponentially, with sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia now representing some of the greatest Web activity.  Organizations are now working to apply Social Computing concepts for their own Business. Successful applications of Social Computing corporately can result in greater knowledge capture and collaboration. Used externally, they can also be important customer satisfaction and outreach tools. However, leveraging Social Computing concepts at an organizational level also presents several challenges, including information governance and security, change management, and critical use mass.
This one-day seminar will focus on Best Practices and practical approaches to apply Social Computing concepts within your organization to derive Business value. Multiple Case Studies and real world examples will be used from both the public and private sectors, detailing both the successes and failures of social computing in Business.

What you will learn

  • Define core Social Computing concepts and types of applications, including a review of existing technologies
  • Identify the risks to successfully applying Social Computing concepts in your Business and discuss recommended mitigation strategies to address these risks
  • Understand the best practices and lessons learned to ensure the highest Business value from these systems
  • Review a myriad of Case Studies and examples, detailing the successes and failures of organizations in gaining Business value through Social Computing

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Social Computing
  • Risks and Challenges of Social Computing
  • Implementation Best Practices
  • Social Computing and Information Governance
  • Change Management in Social Computing
  • Case Studies: Improving Customer Relations Through Social Computing
  • Case Studies: Capturing, Maintaining, and, Presenting Knowledge Through Social Computing
  • Case Studies: Encouraging Behavior Change Through Social Computing
  • Case Studies: Collective Decision-Making Through Social Computing