International Data Management and Data Warehousing Conference 2011

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by Mike Ferguson, Colin White, Mark Madsen, William McKnight, Rick van der Lans download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


The Data Management and Data Warehousing industry has changed dramatically since the advent of Enterprise Data Warehousing some 25 years ago. The Data Warehouse environment no longer stands separate from other IT systems as it did in the past, but is now an integrated component of the IT environment that helps drive all aspects of Decision Making from daily Business operations to strategic planning.

Constantly changing Business requirements coupled with new and evolving technologies, however, present today’s Data Warehouse developers with some unique challenges. Increasing data volumes and analytical complexity, the need for development agility and low-latency data, plus the increasing use of social media and Web data is stretching what can be achieved using traditional Data Warehousing approaches. As a result, organizations are developing and deploying solutions that extend the current Data Warehousing environment with new approaches and technologies that help improve agility and provide Business users with information they need to run the Business.

This Conference examines trends in Data Management and Data Warehousing and examines how organizations are extending the traditional Data Warehouse to satisfy new Business needs while at the same time maintaining data quality, integrity and security.

Main Topics

  • Beyond the Traditional Data Warehouse: Industry Directions
  • New and Evolving Trends in Data Integration Technologies and Tools
  • Data Federation: A Look Under the Hood
  • Hadoop and Big Data: What the Fuss About?
  • Using Data Virtualization and Mashups to Extend the Data Warehouse
  • A Best Practice Methodology for Enterprise Data Governance
  • Agile Practices for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Justifying and Implementing Master Data Management for the Enterprise
  • New Methods and Data Structures for Handling Complex Data
  • Enterprise Metadata Management – Bringing Order to Heterogeneous Data
  • High Performance Data Warehousing: Exploiting New Hardware and Software Technologies