Leadership Strategies for Enterprise Architects
Maximizing EA’s Impact on Business Performance

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Enterprise Architects are valued for their impact on business results. EA frameworks, methods and tools provide some essential foundations for achieving that impact. Success depends on an EA leadership strategy that is tuned to the organizational culture, integrated with the investment process, and driving architectural investments.

This intensive two-day course explores successful leadership strategies for EA. It includes EA’s value proposition and scope, how to measure an enterprise’s architectural performance, diagnosing where EA fits in the organizational culture, validating EA’s role in the investment process, and how to position architectural investments in the projects portfolio. Using a fascinating and challenging case study, the course demonstrates how to formulate, communicate and execute a winning EA strategy.

Entirely based on first-hand experiences of EA in practice, the course will help you to:

  • Benchmark your EA leadership strategy
  • Supplement your EA frameworks, methods and tools with strategic, political and investment skills
  • Determine how best to maximise EA’s impact across your organization
  • Build the reputation of Enterprise Architecture as a strategic capability

What you will learn

The course is driven by these learning outcomes:

  • Maximize EA’s impact on business performance
  • Tune EA to the organizational culture
  • Validate EA’s role in the investment process
  • Drive the enterprise’s architectural investments
  • Grow EA’s influence through a ‘quid-pro-quo’ network

Main Topics

  • Successful Leadership Strategies for Enterprise Architects
  • Establishing the Strategy’s Scope
  • Measuring the Enterprise’s Architectural Performance
  • Diagnosing the Enterprise Culture for Investing in Change
  • Validating the Design of the Enterprise Investment Process
  • Integrating EA with Strategies and Investments
  • Making ‘Play-or-Pass’ Decisions to Maximise EA’s Impact
  • Building the Influence Network for EA Success