Data Management and Business Intelligence in a Cloud Computing Environment

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Increasingly, organizations are taking advantage of the cloud, to build infrastructure and deliver new applications, services and business models, many of which are also tied to mobile applications. The consequences of this trend are that more and more data is starting to be created and stored in the cloud making the cloud a place where new data sources are emerging that offer additional business value over and above the data held in on-premise systems. This seminar looks at the shift towards the hybrid enterprise and offers practical advice on how to manage data across an on-premise and cloud computing environment. It also looks at SaaS BI systems on the public cloud, and looks at what is needed to keep these systems integrated with on-premise applications. It also looks at Data Management on the cloud and options for integrating Cloud and on-premise data for Business use.

What you will learn

  • What are the implications of Cloud Computing?
  • How do you manage data in a Cloud Computing environment?
  • What can be done to integrate Cloud and on-premise data to supply internal and SaaS based systems?
  • How are BI systems and Data Warehouse architectures impacted by the Cloud and SaaS based BI systems?
  • What is needed to keep these systems integrated with on-premise BI applications?

Main Topics

  • An Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Data Management in a cloud computing environment
  • A Closer look at Cloud based BI Systems