Maximizing Return on Investment with your Web Systems

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Information is one of the most value commodities an organization may possess. However, organizations consistently waste money through the poor management, retention, and findability of that information. These issues are even more evident on externally facing Websites and eCommerce sites, where findability problems translate to lost opportunities for revenue. This presentation will take lessons learned from over 200 Web information management deployments and offer the Best Practices to design, manage, and operate your internal and external Web systems and the information within them. Topics covered will include usability design, end-user focused requirements gathering and design, taxonomy design, governance, content management and tagging, search, and governance. The presentation will use a number of Case Studies in order to illustrate what it takes for you to understand and improve the return on investment of you intranet and internet sites.

What you will learn

  • The end-to-end process to assess, design, and implement improvements to your Web systems
  • Strategies to identify cost-savings and revenue generation as well as recommendations on measurement of return on investment
  • Best Practices and methodologies for the critical design considerations of your systems, including user-centered design, taxonomy and metadata design and tagging, and project and content governance
  • Complete case studies from other organizations that have realized return on investment through improving their Web systems

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Web Design and Management
  • Measuring and Improving Return On Investment
  • User-centered design
  • Taxonomy and Metadata
  • Navigation redesign and testing
  • Content cleanup methodologies
  • Content management and migration
  • Project, system, and content governance
  • Web system technologies review – Commercial off the shelf (COTS) and Open Source Options
  • Case Studies
  • Review of best practices and lessons learned