Enterprise Integration Conference 2002:
Building the Agile Enterprise

by Mike Ferguson, Colin White, Jeff Tash, Mark Smith, Wolfgang Martin


Although there have been major improvements in the productivity, functionality, and performance of enterprise software and hardware, many companies are still struggling to integrate enterprise applications with business processes, and to provide interoperability between enterprise systems both inside and outside of the organization.
This conference takes a detailed look at the latest developments in enterprise integration and provides advice on how to develop an integrated enterprise IT framework that allows your company to be an agile enterprise.

Main Topics

  • Enterprise Integration Frameworks
  • The Role of the Enterprise Portal
  • Integration Brokers for the Front- and Back-Office
  • Integrating Business Intelligence into CRM and SCM
  • Application Servers: Where are we?
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • The Impact Web Services
  • XML State of the Art
  • Building the Real-Time Enterprise
  • Java J2EE vs Microsoft .NET
  • Supporting the Mobile Worker
  • Building the Agile Enterprise: Business Imperatives