Architecture, Integration, Infrastructure and Metrics

by Ted Lewis


This seminar will focus on the critical building blocks for an effective E-Business environment, to include the use of a flexible, agile and dynamic enterprise architecture framework to provide the visionary roadmap in order to create an integrated enterprise based on core business processes and effective information technologies, including intelligent computing.
The use of standards and effective performance metrics will be emphasized.

What you will learn

  • Defining the New Economy framework and the strategic direction for the next evolution of E-Business.
  • Developing an E-Business environment in support of the Global Value Chain.
  • Developing and using a dynamic Enterprise Architecture framework to support E-Business.
  • Using different methodologies to plan, develop and implement the Enterprise Architecture.
  • Evolving a fully integrated enterprise for E-Business.
  • Developing business processes and using effective process change enablers.
  • Implementing specific information technologies to support E-Business.
  • Establishing a dynamic, end-to-end, pervasive E-Business infrastructure based on standards.
  • Using effective performance metrics to manage the E-business environment.
  • Identifying critical success factors for the new E-business environment.

Main Topics

  • The New Economy and E-Business: The Next Evolution
  • Major E-Business Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Enterprise Architecture Methodologies
  • Fully Integrated Enterprise for E-Business
  • Business Process Focus
  • Information Technology Focus
  • E-business Infrastructure
  • Use of Effective Performance Metrics
  • Performance Metrics for the E-Business Environment
  • Critical Success Factors for the New E-Business Environment
  • Best Practices in Key Industries
  • Specific Examples from Different Fields and Industries