Outsourcing Contract Management and Metrics:
A Successful Partnership

by David Herron


This workshop will focus on establishing service levels for a variety of Application Development, Enhancement and Maintenance outsourcing arrangements, including: selected software projects and applications, application maintenance contracts and large, organizational-wide application portfolio outsourcing.
Service levels need to be established that will show the value provided to the customer and reflect a positive return on investment for the outsource provider.
Establishing a benchmark of performance and then linking reasonable, business driven service level metrics that monitor that level of performance is the essence of a successful partnership.

What you will learn

  • How to establish service level measures to support strategic business and technical goals
  • An effective method to assess software process performance levels and compare to industry benchmarks
  • How to execute three key steps for establishing well focused, meaningful software application outsourcing service level metrics
  • Understand how to successfully execute the ongoing collection of metrics and monitoring of service levels
  • Learn techniques and templates used by today's successful outsource providers

Main Topics

  • Understanding current trends in outsourcing
  • Strategically positioning the outsourcing relationship
  • Components of the outsourcing agreement
  • Identification of what to outsource
  • Creating application specific service level measures
  • Baselining current levels of performance
  • Linking performance to industry standards
  • Monitoring service level performance
  • Service level measures for maintenance applications