Creating the e-Business Environment

by Ted Lewis


Organizations must consider the development and implementation of an effective and dynamic Global Value Chain to gain and maintain competitive advantage in the global marketplace.
Because of the changing demands in the global economy and the global marketplace, in rapidly evolving information technologies, in the increased attention on cultural dynamics, and in the strategic relationships with business partners, both customers and suppliers, the creation of an effective E-Business environment, utilizing
e-Commerce and Enterprise business integration techniques, will be the cornerstone in developing the organization's 21st century Global Value Chain.
This seminar will focus on the critical building blocks for this effective E-Business environment, and thus the Global Value Chain, which will include the use of a flexible, agile and dynamic Enterprise architecture framework to provide the visionary roadmap for the effective design, development and use of business processes and information technologies both within the organization and between the organization and its strategic partners.

What you will learn

  • Definition, framework, development and use of the Global Value Chain.
  • Development and use of an E-Business environment, including e-Commerce and Enterprise business integration.
  • Development and use of a dynamic Enterprise architecture.
  • Development and use of business processes and effective process change enablers.
  • Development and use of specific information technologies to support E-Business.
  • Best practices and the requirements for major change management efforts to support E-Business.

Main Topics

  • Overview of Business and Information Technology
  • Foundation for a Global Value Chain
  • Defining a Global Value Chain
  • Developing and Using an E-Business Environment
  • Using a Dynamic Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Business Process Focus
  • Information Technology Focus
  • Dynamic Change Management for the Global Value Chain and E-Business Environment
  • A Structured Approach for the Global Value Chain and E-Business Environment
  • Best Practices in Key Industries