Enterprise Portals: Gateway to e-Business

by Clive Finkelstein


This three-day seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to Enterprise Portals (also called Corporate Portals or Enterprise Information Portals).
Enterprise Portals are the next evolutionary stage for Data Warehouses and collaborative environments - such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange.
An Enterprise Portal is a single gateway to the data, information, knowledge, workflows, processes and systems used by employees, customers, suppliers and business partners - tailored to the unique needs of each individual, and accessed via corporate Intranet, via Extranets or via the Internet. Enterprise Portals are typically built using the Extensible Markup Language (XML).
The seminar highlights the steps essential for success, to ensure that the resulting Enterprise Portal provides information and support systems that are closely aligned with strategic plans and corporate goals.
This enables management to identify priority business areas that represent the greatest ROI and competitive advantage for initial deployment by the Enterprise Portal.

What you will learn

  • What are Enterprise Portals? How are they built? How are they used?
  • What are typical Enterprise Portal applications? What is the role of XML in Enterprise Portals?
  • What typical products are available for decision-processing Enterprise Portals and for collaborative Enterprise Portals?
  • Why is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) important for effective use of Enterprise Portals? What is the role of XML messaging and Trading Communities?
  • What methods and tools are used to plan, design and build Enterprise Portals?
  • What technologies are emerging for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Portal development and deployment?s

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Enterprise Portals
  • Enterprise Portal Products
  • EAI for Enterprise Portals
  • EAI for Trading Communities
  • Enterprise Portal Planning
  • Enterprise Portal Directions