Designing Usable Web and Mobile Applications

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The convergence of Mobile and the Web is upon us. Google Maps, Gmail, Flickr and a variety of new AJAX and smart phone applications have begun to legitimize moving beyond HTML to deliver interactive applications that a unified user experience across multiple platforms. We will show how these techniques are changing the way designers think about their applications designs. You will learn how to develop complex User Experiences for mixed user profiles, effectively use multimedia, implement visual design patterns, and effectively develop for multiple platforms plus, you will see the usability challenges introduced when these new interaction techniques are implemented. Learn from the experts who have been helping companies develop world-class Enterprise applications for over a decade.
We will share with you the results of user testing this new breed of application design in our usability lab to help you leverage the technology and avoid the usability pitfalls. We will show you how to implement new interaction techniques such as enhanced client-side validation, drag and drop, partial form refresh to create fast, rich, compelling user experiences. Get a jump start on this compelling new technology to deliver highly effective application designs for your organization.

What you will learn

  • Design complex Web and Mobile applications
  • Design next generation applications to leverage Web Services
  • Design rich, interactive navigation styles
  • Develop effective Web 2.0 design patterns
  • Incorporate prototyping and use cases to validate complex design issues
  • Extend Web applications to the Mobile platform
  • Create complex UI design patterns
  • Implement new designs standards to address these Web 2.0 and Mobile design

Main Topics

  • Web and Mobile Design Primer
  • Advanced Design Modeling
  • Interaction Modeling
  • Advanced Layout Principles
  • Complex UI Design Patterns
  • Designing With Flash and HTML5
  • Designing Transactional Applications
  • Designing Charts and Graphs
  • Web 2.0 and Mobile Design Standards