Data Virtualization for Agile Business Intelligence Systems

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The way decision are made in organisations is changing. The biggest change is that they have to react faster. We can include that our BIsystems have to be more flexible, more agile. In addition, new forms of reporting and analytics are being requested by the user community, such as operational analytics, 360° reporting, exploratory analysis, deep and Big Data analytics, self-service BI, and semi-structured and unstructured data analytics. All these new requirements demand that BI systems are developed in a more agile way. One of the technologies making this possible today is Data Virtualization.
This seminar focuses on Data Virtualization when deployed in Business Intelligence systems. In one day the advantages of Data Virtualization are explained; products are compared, application areas are discussed; and the relationship with related topics, such as MDM, Data Governance, and SOA are also discussed.

What you will learn

• How Business Intelligence systems could benefit from data virtualization
• How to select the right Business Intelligence architecture
• How to migrate to a more agile Business Intelligence system
• How Data Virtualization products work
• How to avoid well-known pitfalls
• From real-life experiences with Data Virtualization

Main Topics

• Introduction to Data Virtualization
• The changing world of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
• Under the hood of a Data Virtualization server
• Caching for performance and scalability
• Query optimization techniques
• A Business Intelligence architecture based on Data Virtualization
• Data Virtualization and SOA
• Data Virtualization and Master Data Management
• Data Virtualization, Information Management and Data Governance
• The future of Data Virtualization