Applying Lean Ux (User Experience) to Agile Projects

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Agile methods promise faster delivery and lower project risks. Learn techniques for integrating new user centered design practices into agile projects. Lean UX (user experience) changes the way user research and design is performed to add value within each agile sprint by defining user stories, defining requirements and validating design while focusing on define outcomes instead of complex deliverables. We will show how these techniques are changing the way user experience and agile development teams work together. You will learn how to develop pragmatic UX deliverables to enable agile teams to focus on features instead of how the features will be implemented. Learn from the experts who have been helping companies develop world-class enterprise applications for over two decades.
This two day class for managers, developers, end-users, interaction designers, and analysts explains how to apply the concepts of users centered design to the challenges of fast moving agile based projects.

* UX: or User Experience. UX is how people feel about and use products, systems, and services. Good UX makes people more likely to buy, use, and recommend. You can actually design UX. Lean UX is a new methodology that changes the way projects are run.
Lean UX includes the principles of Agile Development and Lean Manufacturing, and uses methods like rapid prototyping, co-design, and cross-functional collaboration.
With everyone involved in the design process you’ll create a better product, system, or service - and a better user experience… faster!

What you will learn

  • To create Lean UX deliverables
  • To blend UX activities into agile projects
  • To create lightweight deliverables
  • To develop minimum viable user experience
  • To incorporate prototyping and user stories into agile scrum cycles
  • To conduct inception design sessions
  • To create pattern libraries to support agile teams

Main Topics

  • Lean UX Primer
  • Agile Process Overview
  • Lean UX Deliverables
  • Integrating Lean UX with Agile
  • Testing Assumptions
  • Visualize Outcomes
  • Limiting Scope of Work
  • Validating Designs
  • Refining the Approach