Big Data Multi-Platform Analytics

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This new workshop is aimed at getting Data Scientists, Data Warehousing and BI Professionals up to scratch on Big Data, Hadoop, other NoSQL DBMSs and Multi-Platform Analytics. What is Big Data? How can you make use of it? How does it fit within a traditional analytical environment? What skills do you need to develop for Big Data Analytics? All of these questions are addressed in this new knowledge packed workshop.

What you will learn

  • What Big Data is
  • How Big Data creates several new types of analytical workload
  • Big Data technology platforms beyond the Data Warehouse
  • Big Data analytical techniques and front-end tools
  • How to analyse un-modelled, multi-structured data using Hadoop and MapReduce
  • How to integrate Big Data with traditional Data Warehouses and BI systems
  • How to clearly understand business use cases for different Big Data technologies
  • How to set up and organise Big Data projects
  • How to make use of Big Data to deliver business value

Main Topics

  • An introduction to Big Data
  • An introduction to Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data platforms and storage options
  • Big Data integration and governance in a multi-platform analytical environment
  • Tools and techniques for analysing Big Data
  • Search, BI & Big Data
  • Integrating Big Data Analytics into the Enterprise