Enterprise Application Integration

by Rosemary Rock-Evans


Enterprise Application is the latest buzz-word to hit the headlines, but EAI is not just a buzz-word, but a technology driven by a real business need.
It is also a technology sorely misunderstood and misrepresented. Thus EAI is middleware, used to help you either build new distributed applications which access existing applications and data, or simply integrate existing applications by supporting simpler more controlled inter application communication.
The key difference between EAI middleware and ordinary middleware is that the existing applications can remain as they are - taking the risk away from integration and reuse.
This seminarexplains what EAI is and how it works - the role of message brokers and API Translators, adapters and the role of workflow software, the importance of XML and the decline of IDL as a mean of integration.
It also covers some of the strategic products on the market - BEA eLink, Microsoft's Babylon and Biztalk as well as IBM's products.

Main Topics

  • Introduction to EAI
  • EAI Constituents in overview
  • Middleware services in more detail
  • Message Broking services
  • API Translation services in more detail
  • Workflow services
  • XML and EAI
  • Introducing EAI