Business Architecture:
Preparation for the Certification exam

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Business Architecture has become mainstream and is the fastest growing area of Enterprise Architecture. The Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK) is now at V4.1, and continues to expand on industry best practices. Starting in 2015, an international certification will be available for individual practitioners to become “Certified Business Architect™” based on the BIZBOK and related business material. Whether you are interested in certification or not, this course will provide an overview of Business Architecture and help participants develop their skills and techniques. For those looking toward certification, it will help you prepare to take the certification exam.

The seminar is structured as a combination of presentation, interactive discussion and group based exercises, so participants get the chance to apply the concepts learned during the facilitated exercises.

What you will learn

Delegates will gain an understanding of the skills required to become a Certified Business Architect™, including:

  • What is Business Architecture? What is the BIZBOK?
  • What are the foundational techniques?
  • How do you apply Business Architecture to specific business scenarios?
  • How is Business Architecture related to other business domains?
  • How do you use Business Architecture to help define and execute strategy?
  • How do you use Business Architecture to align with IT systems?
  • What is a Certified Business Architect?
  • How do you prepare for the certification exam?

Main Topics

Foundation and Core Skills

  • Business Architecture Core Mapping Knowledge
  • Business Architecture Extended Mapping Knowledge

Extended Skills

  • Business Architecture Alignment with Related Business Disciplines
  • Business Architecture & Business Performance Analysis
  • Business Architect Role
  • Business Architecture Governance
  • Business Architecture & IT Architecture Alignment
  • Business Architecture Situation & Scenario Usage
  • Business Architecture Infrastructure Management