Data Discovery in Action

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Data Discovery has become an essential capability for Business Intelligence (BI) programs to understand data and gain insights about the business and market. Effectively enabling data discovery's iterative process requires business analysts that are self-sufficient in data access and abstraction techniques. However, the data discovery process also needs clear definitions of roles, responsibilities, collaboration, verification, and institution found in data governance principles.

This seminar will teach key definitions, abstraction techniques, governance processes, and share case studies from customers in action.

What you will learn

  • To define Data Discovery terminologies, processes, and maturity models
  • To understand how data access and semantic abstraction enable Data Discovery
  • To define key governance roles and processes for managing risks
  • To share Data Discovery case studies and hands-on demonstrations

Main Topics

  • BI and Discovery
  • Enabling Data Discovery
  • Enabling Governed Data Discovery
  • Case Studies and Demonstrations