Strategic Management of the IT Organization:
Developing a Balanced Scorecard to Measure IT Performance and to Align IT and Business

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Aligning the IT organization with the business is and has been one of the top 5 issue on the CIO’s list consistently for over 10 years. Many organizations have found success in addressing this challenge with the use of the balanced scorecard framework. This course addresses this issue using proven approaches and methodologies of the balanced scorecard framework to create, measure and manage the alignment. The Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map are key elements in effective organizational alignment and strategy execution. They are the management frameworks that enable organizations to consistently align their resources and activities, develop and deploy the right measurements, and drive high performance. Organizations that have effectively deployed the balanced scorecard have achieved superior IT performance and business results.

What you will learn

  • The importance and value of aligning IT with the business strategy
  • What is the IT balanced scorecard and strategy map and what is its practical value
  • How to apply the balanced scorecard to improve organizational alignment and performance
  • How to use the balanced scorecard to align IT with the business strategy
  • How to successfully implement and use of the balanced scorecard
  • Why performance measures focused on results matter more than measures focused on process
  • How to develop meaningful measures of IT performance
  • How to develop and implement IT balanced performance measures
  • How to develop aligned performance measures to drive strategy execution within the IT organization
  • How to present measures to demonstrate results
  • How to use the balanced scorecard to prioritize projects and business initiatives.
  • How to develop and prioritize new initiatives to achieve strategic objectives and targets
  • How to cascade the balanced scorecard through the organization to increase employee engagement and accountability

Main Topics

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Applying the Framework to the IT Organization
  • Managing IT with the Balanced Scorecard
  • Close and next steps