Modern Enterprise Services Architecture Conference: Microservices, Docker and Containers, Real Time and Streaming Data

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by Frank Greco, Bert Ertman , John Davies, Donald Farmer, Steve Ross-Talbot download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


Our real-time business environment is becoming more complex, increasingly dynamic, hugely event-driven and constantly challenging our strategies and deliverables. This unpredictable environment requires our applications to rapid adapt to change and real-time reaction to business events. Successful business agility now clearly becomes a critical differentiator. Services architecture is a design pattern that meets these modern requirements. It is where components of a computing system provide services to other components typically distributed over a network. It is a powerful and standard approach for the modern enterprise. As modern requirements expand, services architecture must evolve. Applications are now composed of a wide collection of services reachable via a very large set of libraries. And to manage these applications, there are new models of software design using small, independently deployable services. And these services are now both inside and outside the firewall. There are a number of powerful trends in services architecture. There are modern tools and techniques that every technology executive, technical manager and enterprise architect should be aware of. These competitive weapons originating from inventive technology vendors such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and others, are now easily available to all enterprises. Tools such as microservices and containers (Docker), API management, WAN-scale messaging, streaming APIs, etc. are all now available to all enterprises. But how does a senior technology architect or manager leverage these tools for the benefit of his users, engineering team, multiple organizations and complete enterprise ecosystem? This conference is for senior architects and technology managers. It aims to provide information and expertise on the latest technologies and techniques to address these important aspects of modern enterprise software development.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Microservices and Its Impact on the Enterprise
  • Docker and Containers
  • Microservice Orchestration with Kubernetes, Mesos
  • Techniques of Modern API Management – Functionality, Coordination, Security
  • How to Leverage Services Across Hybrid Cloud Architectures
  • How to Migrate from a Monolith to a Set of Microservices
  • High Performance Streaming Data
  • Building an Effective Engineering Culture for Services
  • The State of Cloud Services – New Services from the Major Vendors such as AWS, Azure, SoftLayer/BlueMix and GCP
  • The Impact of Amazon Kinesis and IoT Cloud Services
  • Managing Event-based Data over the Web
  • Real-time Connectivity over the Web
  • What’s Next for the Services Enterprise? - Panel of services experts