Integrated Agile Transformation Model™

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Agile transformations and improvements, improving to the (first or next) level of Agile in your company by Integrated Agile Transformation Model (IATM).

This is not about the first steps of Agile. It can be but most likely people are already working Agile one way or the other. How can you get the next level, from whatever level you are. That is what the day is all about.

  • How Agile are you?
  • What about your organization?
  • Are you doing Agile and struggling to get real benefits. Are your trying but not able to get into real end-to-end delivery?
  • Do you want to work Agile but does the business not get along? Do you want to do Agile but your

IT is excluding you? Agile itself is basic and easy to apply, so it seems. Still so many people and organizations struggle to get real benefits, to do real end-to-end delivery of production viable requirements, to read deliver better business value, to really deliver earlier. What is the underlying cause and how can you do this?

What you will learn

  • Providing people insights of the complexity of Agile transformations in the simplicity of what Agile really is
  • Learnings about IATM as a hands-on proven way of Agile transformations (www.integratedagile.com)
  • Understand the approach to change really, the actual process to make it happen
  • Identify stakeholders that really need to be involved
  • How to overcome resistance, cross Agile myths and dogma’s

Main Topics

  • Introduction and (exercise) first assessment
  • The paradigms hindering working really in an Agile way and (exercise) the second step in your assessment
  • The overall process of IATM and (exercise) identification of your biggest hurdles
  • Roles and responsibilities in a transformation and (exercise) composing a successful team
  • How should the team work and (exercise) what do they have to work on (Transformation Foundations)
  • Agile coaches, father skills, knowledge and profile and (exercise) who could be your internal coaches
  • Identification of steps to take next ((exercise) in your organization