Mastering Enterprise Investment

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Your organization’s success at investing in change depends on the day-to-day work of many people - including Portfolio Managers, Enterprise and Business Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Finance Managers, and Human Resources Managers. It is vital that everyone has a shared understanding of the organization’s investment goals, investment culture, investment strategy, change portfolio, up-to-date priorities, and constraints.

What does it mean to be organizationally excellent at investing in change? It means routinely achieving your investment goals, being agile in your choices of changes to invest in, and efficient in the risks you are taking. It also means being confident in working with diverse probabilities of success -some changes you invest in will work better than others, and some will not work at all.

Mastering Enterprise Investment is an intensive three-day certification course, providing a practical and comprehensive set of tools and techniques for success at investing in change.

It concludes with a formal examination, and successful participants are awarded a Practitioner Certification in Enterprise Investment.

What you will learn

The course is driven by these learning outcomes:

• Apply the principles, process, structures and techniques for achieving organizational excellence at investing in change
• Design, create and use an efficient, agile and goals-driven portfolio of investments in change
• Measure, govern, and continually improve the organization’s performance at Enterprise Investment

Main Topics

  • Enterprise Investment - Value Chain, Investment Process, and measures of success
  • Diagnosing your organization’s Investment Culture
  • Formulating the overall Investment Strategy
  • Designing a goals-driven, agile and efficient Change Portfolio
  • Transforming from projects-driven to goals-driven investment
  • Governing and managing portfolio performance
  • Optimizing investments across a group of businesses