User Experience Strategy

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User Experience (UX) strategy is the next step on formalizing and creating long term UX success in your organization. We will discuss how to organize and implement the various activities that make up UX strategy including user research, content strategy, digital strategy, market research, analytics integration, design standards and patterns, organizational structure and integration with marketing and technology teams.

What you will learn

Implement long term UX Design Strategy within your organization.

  • Learn the business impact of User Experience
  • Learn techniques to tie User Experience to overall company objectives
  • Integrate UX strategy with Digital strategy
  • Understand how UX research supports UX strategy
  • Learn how content strategy impacts UX strategy
  • Review different organizational structures to implement UX strategy
  • Learn how to measure and report UX strategy across your organization

Main Topics

  • UX Strategy Introduction
  • Business Impact of strong UX strategies
  • How UX helps drive overall business strategies
  • UX vs. Digital Strategy
  • Creating a UX Strategy
  • Integrating Content strategy with UX strategy
  • Creating a long-term UX organization
  • Measuring UX with Analytics
  • The future of UX Strategy