Design Thinking

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From Monday November 4 2019 to Tuesday November 5 2019

Price: 1,300.00 Euro

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Residenza di Ripetta
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Learn how Design Thinking can transform the way your company design products and services. Design Thinking was introduced by IDEO and perfected by researchers at Stanford. This training is user-driven innovation at its best, perfect for companies that want to discover hidden opportunities with their current products or services. Why is Design Thinking so important today? Over 50% of product initiatives fail because there is no sustainable market need for what they offer. That’s why the development of every new product or service must start with a deep understanding of your customers. We will introduce new ways to gain these insights and methods to stimulate innovation among your teams to create successful products and services.

What you will learn

This class for developers, end-users, interaction designers, and managers explains how to apply the concepts of user experience design to within your organization.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Inject your team with a customer-centric mindset to make sure your products and services meet your customers’ needs
  • Learn new design modeling and design thinking techniques
  • Adopt a structured approach to uncovering true use needs
  • Learn when to use different design thinking methods
  • Lean how to build journey maps for end-to-end solutions
  • Reduce project risk by prototyping solutions
  • Create customer focused designs
  • Validate and defend important design decisions