How to Revamp your Data Warehouse and Lake for Digital Business

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From Wednesday June 24 2020 to Thursday June 25 2020

Price: 1,300.00 Euro

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Digital Business transforms industries and reinvents entire enterprises. Vast volumes of up-to-the-minute data and novel technologies unleash new, instant business value. Or so we are told.

But why do so many companies struggle with Digital Transformation? Why is success so elusive?

The short answer is that architects and implementers are too focused on new technologies and ignore the lessons and value of existing systems. And yet, most enterprises have a wealth of existing infrastructure, technologies, and skills that can be reused and repurposed. What’s needed is new architectures and new thinking.

In this seminar, Dr. Barry Devlin shows how a modern architectural foundation, based on his book “Business unintelligence,” can transform and extend your existing systems to support a fully functioning Digital Business.

The delegates will also receive a copy of the book "Business unIntelligence: Insight and Innovation beyond Analytics and Big Data" by Barry Devlin

What you will learn

  • The Meaning and Implications of Digital Business
  • How you can reuse and rework your Data Warehouse or lake for Digital Business
  • Business drivers, technical rationale, structure and components of new conceptual and logical architectures
  • Data and Information as the foundation for Digital Transformation
  • Possibilities and challenges of new database and data management technologies
  • The central role of context-setting information and metadata
  • Adaptive Processes as the basis for data preparation, information creation, and insight discovery
  • Using data virtualization and preparation as tools for integration of all types of content and data
  • Positioning and using algorithms, analytics and AI in support of Decision Making
  • How people adopt action-oriented Decision Making and drive innovation
  • The importance of user context and roles in Decision Making
  • Legal and ethical issues with data collection and surveillance
  • Practical planning and implementation steps from Data Warehouse/Lake to a Digital Business

Main Topics

  • Digital Business – History and Emergence
  • The why and how of a new architecture
  • The Information Resource - the Foundation for Digital Business
  • The Processes-Getting from Data to Decisions to Actions
  • The People - Understanding Needs and Engaging Innovation
  • Planning and implementation