e-Quality: Quality in Internet and e-Business Information

by Larry English


As organizations jump into the e-Commerce and e-Business arena, failure to address information quality issues can produce Garbage-In-Garbage-Out @ the Speed of Internet. In this seminar you learn how to avoid the significant pitfalls so you can provide a quality experience for your Internet customers.
Mr. English describes how to measure, control and improve the quality of information in the Internet and at the data sources. Mr. English describes how to apply Total Quality data Processes to information in web pages, business data integrated with HTML data and information gathered though Internet transactions. He also addresses how to analyze causes of non-quality data and how toe improve the processes that cause the defects.

What you will learn

  • Identify the unique information quality issues in Internet and e-Business
  • Define and implement information quality (IQ) processes for web presentation and e-Business
  • Describe what IQ tools are available for e-Business and how to exploit them for information quality improvement
  • How to understand e-Business customer expectations and needs
  • How to implement a sustainable information quality environment for e-Business

Main Topics

  • Information Quality Principles for web-based Information Products
  • The e-Business Information Supply Chain
  • Information Quality Processes and Tools for the Internet
  • Quality in Web-Based Documents and Information Presentation
  • Quality Assurance of Internet-Gathered Information
  • Developing an Information Quality Value System