XML, Java e Database

by Ken North


This class explains how to use the powerful combination of XML, Java, SQL, and JDBC. To develop portable, multi-platform software, many developers use Java to access databases and XML to exchange data or documents.
Java database developers write applets, applications, servlets, and classes installed in databases.
XML developers can use database extensions for storing and querying XML documents.
This class explains architectures and programming techniques for using XML, Java, and SQL databases.

Main Topics

  • DBMS server architectures that include Java and XML in the database
  • Java, SQL, and XML as tools for writing database programs
  • The programming model for processing SQL statements and metadata
  • Java database programming techniques
  • How to use JDBC with ODBC and other middleware
  • The programming model and APIs for processing XML documents
  • How to use SQLJ and interoperable SQL
  • The role of XML in e-Commerce applications and XML-extended databases
  • How to add Java stored procedures and UDFs to a database
  • The role of the Java Virtual Machine in SQL servers
  • Benefits and cautions related to server extensions
  • How to perform content-based queries and section searches over XML documents