CRM: Designing & Building Intelligent End-To-End Solutions

by Mike Ferguson


As business focus shifts away from product, towards understanding the customer and increasing their value, the requirement and commercial pressure to implement a solution to manage customers and customer relationships through any and all channels has become enormous.
Such a solution needs to:

  • integrate business processes and data to reduce the cost of CRM while increasing its effectiveness
  • efficiently manage front and back office operational processes associated with the customer including sales, marketing, service and support
  • produce customer intelligence that can be used effectively in increasing the value of customers (e.g. via targeted marketing) and in investing resources
  • automate marketing, through campaign management across all channels and use customer intelligence to personalise the campaigns
  • automate service and support and personalise it for each customer based on customer intelligence
  • to efficiently disseminate valuable customer intelligence to all people and systems that need it
  • optimise the supply chain based on demand uncovered by measuring sales in CRM solutions.

This seminar is a practical guide to implementing an end to end intelligent CRM solution that achieves these main objectives.

Main Topics

  1. CRM Implementation
  2. The Front Office - CRM Transaction Processing
    • Front Office Operational Processes
    • Customer Communication
    • Automating and Integrating the Front Office
    • The Impact of E-business
  3. Analysing CRM data to drive customer relationships
    • Implementing a CRM Business Intelligence Solution
    • Implementation Alternatives, Methodologies and Technologies
    • Marketing Automation
    • Closing the Loop - Integrating CRM Analytic applications and The Front Office
  4. CRM Collaborative Processing
    • Internal collaboration - The CRM EIP
    • External Collaboration