Building and Managing the Meta Data Repository

by David Marco


Building a Meta Data Repository is no longer an option, but an absolute requirement for corporations.
Companies have realized that without Meta Data their IT departments cannot manage their systems and their systems are not providing true value to the business end user.
This practical course leverages the lessons learned from companies that have successfully deployed Meta Data Repositories.
The case studies demonstrate the importance of having a methodology for defining Meta Data Requirements, capturing and integrating Meta Data, how to calculate ROI, form a team, and develop a project plan, advanced Meta Data architectures, pulse-of-the-market analysis of Meta Data integration tool vendors, methodology for defining an attainable project scope and a detailed walkthrough of a detailed meta Data Model.

What you will learn

  • You will Construct Your Own Release 1.0 Meta Data Project Scope Document
  • Understand How to Construct Your Own Meta Model
  • Analyze Meta Data Tool Vendors
  • Understand and Build Your Own Weighted Tool Checklist
  • Developing a Meta Data Architecture
  • Understand How to Model Meta Data
  • Take Away a Generic Meta Model

Main Topics

  • Understanding Meta Data
  • Challenges in the Meta Data Industry
  • How to Implement a Meta Data Repository
  • Understanding the Key Meta Data Vendors
  • Understand the Power of Meta Data