Network Intrusion Detection

by Sondra Schneider


This two-day seminar investigates the strengths and weaknesses of network- and host-based intrusion detection systems (IDS).
You will explore the leading IDS products on the market today, including Cisco NetRanger, ISS RealSecure, NFR - Network Flight Recorder, Shadow (freeware), Tripwire Enterprise (and shareware), AXENT OmniGuard, Bellcore Sysguard, and more.
You will compare insourcing and outsourcing options and gain the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about which is best suited to your organization. You will explore the pros and cons of perimeter defenses.
A demo of hacker attack methods will illustrate port scans, buffer overruns, and other network assaults in action.
When you leave this cutting-edge seminar, you will know where to position sensors and consoles; the types of responses you will receive; and how to react to alerts using industry-standard IDS countermeasures.
A demo of hacker attack methods illustrating portscans, buffer overruns, and other network assault in action.
The delegates will receive a Network Intrusion Defense Kit on CD.

Main Topics

  • Introduction to IDS
  • Comparing IDS Solutions
  • Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Option
  • Implementing IDS
  • Reacting to Threats
  • Validating the Threats: Hacker Attack Methods
  • Essential Tools and Resources
  • What You Can Expect in the Future