Using Certificate Authorities (CA) and Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) to Protect Your Information

by Sondra Schneider


In this three-day seminar you will learn how to use Certificate Authority (CA) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies to ensure the safety of your information assets.
After a cryptography update covering the types of encryption available, data concealment, key lengths and key escrow, you will weigh up the pros and cons of public and shared keys and define digital certificate.
You will drill down to the elements of a PKI, including certification authority, key histories, key backup and recovery, certificate revocation, automatic key update, certificate repository, non-repudiation, cross certification and client software.
You will discover why each piece is essential, learn how each one integrates into a PKI solution, review PKI implementation strategies and new developments, and learn how to successfully deploy a PKI.
In addition to your course materials, you will receive a treasury of PKI whitepapers, including:

  • Building a Public Key Infrastructure: Insource o Outsource?
  • Building a Secure Electronic Communications Infrastructure
  • Certificate Policies and Certification Practice Statements v 1.0
  • Guide to the Business Impact of PKIs v. 2.0
  • Key Update and the Complete Story on the Need for Two Key Pairs
  • PKI Architecture
  • PKI: Unlocking the Internet's Economic Potential
  • Summary of Protocols for PKI Interoperability
  • The Concept of Trust in Network Security v. 1.1
  • Trusted Public-Key Infrastructures

Main Topics

  • PKI Technology Reviewed
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Certificates and Signatures
  • Certification Authorities and Directories
  • Product Comparisons and Demonstrations
  • Cryptographic Regulations
  • Overcoming Pitfalls in Public Key Encryption
  • Overcoming Pitfalls in Certificate Management
  • Case Study
  • Deploying a PKI