Using Task Management to create Customer-Centric Websites

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The Web is about customer power. The customer is in control on the Web, not the organization. The customer searches, the customer clicks on that link (or not), the customer quickly scans your Web page. What will your customer do next? Click on one of your compelling links or hit the Back button? Your Intranet is about staff productivity. It’s about helping your staff complete common Tasks as easily and simply as possible. You are not managing content and applications on your Intranet. Instead, you are managing Tasks, and this Master Class will help you become a successful Task Manager. Whether you manage an Intranet, university, government or commercial Website—the principal of being customer/staff-centric and not organization-centric still applies. Practically all Websites start off as organization-centric. The better ones are making the shift and gaining the results. This Master Class will give you the tools and the arguments to show why a Customer-Centric approach is how you achieve the maximum return on investment for your Website and Intranet.

What you will learn

  • The Business Case: Why the Task-based approach will help you make more money, and reduce costs How to present this compelling Business Case in a way that truly gets the attention of Senior Management
  • How to create quality Killer Web Content based on a unique approach developed as a result of five years of research and testing
  • Strategies for making your Website/Intranet easier to use
  • The three golden rules of ranking high in search engines
  • The implications for you of new tools such as blogging and RSS, and how you can effectively apply them within your organization

Main Topics

  • Customer/staff-focus: the secret to success
  • Developing customer/staff personas
  • Tasks drive web success
  • Task identification techniques
  • 3 Secrets of ranking high in search engines
  • Creating killer web content
  • Proving the business case
  • Workshop and discussion