Advanced User Interface Design

by James Hobart


Web Technology has given us an opportunity to transform our organizations by providing a cost-effective method to improve corporate communications and distribute and share vital information. Today?s customers are more demanding and have high expectations from your Web-based applications. Implementing effective complex Web-based applications can mean the difference between success and failure in your software development strategy.
This seminar will also introduce our unique approach to creating and implementing Visual Design Patterns to address complex application design issues. We will also discuss accessibility and mobile applications and how.
This two-day seminar is the natural next step in user interface design training. Significant student interaction and team design scenarios are used to teach advanced techniques that ensure a more effective user interface for even to the most senior GUI designer. This two-day class explains how to successfully design complex user interfaces, which will allow you organization to successfully create Enterprise applications.

What you will learn

  • Design complex Web-based and traditional GUI applications
  • Create complex navigation models for both Web-based and windows based transactional systems
  • Apply proven visual design Patterns to solve complex user interface issues
  • Design complex transactional applications using Web and GUI technologies

Main Topics

  • Advanced Web Primer
  • Advanced layout and control design
  • Advanced Navigational Models
  • Applying Visual Design Patterns
  • Transactional Design Patterns
  • Use-case driven design
  • Corporate portal design
  • Designing with Flash and Java
  • Handheld Usability
  • Course Conclusion