ENTERPRISE BUSINESS INTEGRATION CONFERENCE 2005:Portals, Collaboration and Content Management

by Mike Ferguson, Zach Wahl, Colin White, Wolfgang Martin, Seth Grimes


Leading companies today are successfully uniting Portal, Collaboration and Content Management products and technologies to provide a complete and integrated interface to the processes and information Business users, Business partners and consumers need to make informed decisions.
When combined with business intelligence, this integrated interface provides a powerful Knowledge Management environment that enables organizations to effectively optimize their Business operations to support a company's strategic and tactical Business goals.
This conference takes a detailed look at the latest developments in Portal, Collaboration, and Content Management, and discusses Best Practices for successfully implementing these technologies. It also looks at how these technologies can be combined with Business Intelligence to provide a complete Knowledge Management environment.

Main Topics

  • Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Recovering from Portal Chaos: Enterprise vs. Federated vs. Departmental Portal Architectures
  • The Role of Open Source and Industry Standards in Portals and Content Management
  • Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Search
  • Integrating Business Intelligence and Guided Workflows into the Knowledge Environment
  • Discovering Value in Text
  • Business Process-Driven Portals
  • Selecting the Right Technologies and Products for Knowledge Management
  • Building an Integrated Collaborative User Workspace
  • Business Content and Taxonomy Governance Strategies
  • The Latest Developments in Composite Applications and Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Best Practices and Case Studies for Portal Deployments