Structured User Acceptance Testing

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This is a practical hands-on seminar to convey effective methods to plan and conduct User Acceptance Testing. This is one of the few courses available that teaches a non-technical and easily learned process for Testing computer systems from a Business process perspective. This course deals with Testing issues from both the process and human perspectives. You will learn the terminology, the unique issues, and the process for performing User Acceptance Testing. As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a good working knowledge of what it takes to plan and conduct a very effective User Acceptance Test in your own organization.
Structured User Acceptance Testing will help you become more comfortable and confident in designing and performing a test that models how an organization will use a particular application to conduct Business. You will emerge from this two-day session knowing how to develop test scenarios, test scripts and test cases. You will also have a working knowledge of how to coordinate all of the aspects of a user acceptance test into a smoothly flowing test.

What you will learn

  • Plan an Acceptance Test for any size computer system
  • Identify test cases that will simulate real-life conditions
  • Determine if a system meets acceptance criteria
  • Track the progress of an Acceptance Test
  • Deal with the many issues and attitudes encountered during a typical Acceptance Test
  • Write informative test reports