Designing and Building Enterprise Portals

by Mike Ferguson


Many Businesses are purely reliant on the ability of Business users and Managers to be able to find and access, all necessary job specific, Business content (information and applications), wherever it may be located on different systems, inside and outside, the Enterprise to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.
However, most users are often unaware of valuable information. They spend hours filtering out irrelevant content and are often unable to exploit application functionality because the application is not available to their Business community.
What they want is to personalise content to their individual roles and Business needs while becoming more productive by using common Business Processes and common applications. Users require access to both structured and unstructured information, applications and collaborative tools, as well as common Business Processes that span applications to help them be more effective in the workplace.
In order to meet this need, companies are looking towards Portal technology to manage and integrate information and applications into a single user interface and provide the tools needed to collaborate with others both inside and outside the Enterprise.

What you will learn

This two-day workshop introduces Portal technology and looks at how to design and deploy a Corporate Portal for internal Business use and an e-Business Portal for external user access to Business content.

Main Topics

  • Detecting Computer Crime
  • Setting up a Forensics Group
  • High-Tech investigations
  • Advanced Computer Forensics
  • Tracking an offender
  • Using Digital Forensics tools: hands-on exercises
  • Proper evidence handling
  • Working with law enforcement
  • Investigative case studies and hands-on exercises