Anti-Hacking Class

by Morrow Long


In this class of 15+ network & computer security tool demo's and labs you'll learn: Network Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking, Firewall VPN Best Practices, understand how Viruses and Trojans get on your network and how, with effective Patch Management, mitigate risk.
Including, how to stop buffer overflows by writing write secure code. Lastly, this class shows you how to do computer investigations without compromising your data.

What you will learn

Gather the Data - You'll uncover the hackers favourite penetration techniques and how to protect against them

  • Find & fix Web server vulnerabilities
  • Data Mining authentication information
  • Hacking by brute forcing remotely

Defending your networks against unauthorized access and denial-of-service attacks

  • You will examine the weaknesses of Firewall architectures
  • Securing mail with VPN
  • Examine e-shoplifting
  • Hack SSL-enabled sites

The impact of Zero-day Viruses to are nothing compared to Trojans

  • Uncover the best tools and techniques for eradication, patching and recovery
  • Learn how to write secure code
  • Harden internal systems and services
  • Sift through the source code for hidden secrets

How to detect the crime, track the criminal, and assemble the evidence

  • Implement and monitor security on networks, computer systems, and respond
  • Setting Up a Forensics Group
  • Tips, tools, and techniques for locating the offending computer on the network
  • Proper Evidence Handling