Best Practices for achieving successful Knowledge Management

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This three-day seminar will focus using Business Taxonomies to categorize information. Business users are more active than ever in the publication and consumption of information. However, many organizations are struggling to engage Business users in managing the information they create and consume so that it can easily be found and reused. Business Taxonomies can provide solutions to an organization’s Knowledge Management challenges. Although the concept of Taxonomies is not new, organizations are beginning to focus increased attention on the design and development of intuitive and sustainable Taxonomies that will serve their end users by making it easy to find the information they need in a single place. Today’s users have come to expect a simple way to both search and browse for their information, but still many organizations do not know where to begin in the design of such a system.
This seminar will provide an introduction to Taxonomy and Metadata benefits, design concepts and implementation strategies. Major barriers to successfully implementing a Business Taxonomy will be identified. Detail on a practical design methodology that will allow you to begin designing a Business Taxonomy for your own organization will be provided. The requirements for and variety of tools for managing Taxonomies and related information will be described and discussed. The seminar will discuss how consistently applied Taxonomy and Metadata schemes may be used for system interoperability and advanced navigation such as faceted browsing. The seminar will cover Taxonomy Best Practices, a wide variety of actual Case Studies, and implementation methodologies.

What you will learn

  • How to design and sustain Business Taxonomies within your organization
  • The value of Taxonomies and Metadata
  • Best practices for successful implementation and adoption
  • The various approaches organizations have used to develop Taxonomies
  • The common mistakes organization make in developing Taxonomies
  • Best Practices for Governance of your Knowledge Management projects
  • How to get started developing your own organization’s categorization structure
  • What are Taxonomy tools and how should you evaluate them
  • How do Taxonomies improve search results
  • How can Taxonomies be used to build more effective search applications

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Taxonomies
  • Introduction to Metadata
  • Project Methodologies
  • Project Risks and Mitigation Strategies
  • Running Taxonomy Design Workshops for Your Organization
  • Validating Taxonomies
  • Measure and Improve Mindset
  • KM Governance Best Practices
  • Taxonomy Management Tools
  • Taxonomy and Search
  • Taxonomy and Information Management Applications: How Taxonomies Help you Save and Make Money, and Stay out of Jail