Knowledge Management and Tecnologie Knowledge-Enabling

by Ted Lewis


The issue of knowledge within a business context is not new; what is different is that technology is revolutionizing the way people think and work.
For today's managers, their driving force is understanding what they know and how fast they can use it. But knowledge management is more than software development, systems design or information technology; managers must be able to focus on corporate memory and understanding and be able to communicate the corporate knowledge across the Enterprise. Knowledge is a collection of values and cognitive experiences; focusing on the needs of each individual.
As such, knowledge becomes embedded into the organizational culture.

What you will learn

  • General concepts and principles of Knowledge Management
  • Failures and successes in implementing Knowledge Management, and five critical success factors
  • How to use positive Change Enablers to support Knowledge Management
  • Structured methodology and framework for Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management tools, techniques and technologies
  • Organization, management and technology issues and practices that impact on Knowledge Management

Main Topics

  • Overview of the "Knowledge" Environment
  • Past Efforts in Managing Knowledge
  • An Integrated Approach to Effective Knowledge Management
  • Critical Success Factors for Knowledge Management
  • Data, Information, Knowledge: A Successful Paradigm for High Performing Organizations in the 21st Century
  • Knowledge-Enabling Technologies
  • Knowledge Management, Learning Systems and Business Processes: Keys to Success for Effective Enterprise Transformation
  • Achieving the Total Learning Environment through Effective Knowledge Management
  • Best Practices in Knowledge Management