Portals 2.0: taking your Portal to the next level

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Many organizations have, by now, successfully implemented Portal technology and are realizing the many benefits of their efforts. Their end users are finding information faster, are collaborating more effectively, and have less confusion over where to go to "get the job done."  Though these Portal projects can certainly be labeled as successful, the question becomes how to make it even more successful. As no Portal project is ever really complete, how can these organizations continue to evolve their Portals to make them even more valuable to their end users?  This seminar will seek to answer that question through use of real world Case Studies and Best Practices. Along the way, we will identify some of the newer buzzworthy concepts and technologies associated with Portals and separate those with potential Business value from the technology fads.

What you will learn

  • To understand how to ensure your Portal continues to graduate to higher levels of value for end users
  • To Hear Case Studies of how various organizations are taking their Portal to the next level
  • To discuss the various new concepts and functionality associated with Portals and identify those with the greatest promise for end user value