Effective Software Prototyping

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This seminar will learn how to build effective prototypes to quickly communicate Business requirements and set realistic user expectations. You will learn a proven process for planning, creating and communicating digital prototypes to validate design decisions and gain consensus on the proposed software design. These are the same techniques being used successfully on real projects for many of our Global 2000 clients and large government organizations. Implementing a successful Prototyping process can mean the difference between success and failure in the coming years. Learn from the experts who have been delivering success in this field for over a decade! We will show you how to apply a proven process for identifying true user requirements, developing and validating conceptual models, and creating visual prototypes that are highly usable. We will show you how to plan and implement a rapid Prototyping process to quickly identify user requirements and allow product visualization to transform the way your organization designs and builds software.

What you will learn

  • Develop a detailed Prototyping plan
  • Facilitate Prototyping sessions
  • Choose the best Prototyping method based on project needs
  • Apply new design modeling techniques to assure usable prototypes
  • Develop task flows and scenarios
  • Define prototype content and fidelity
  • Create effective prototypes
  • Create usable design patterns to facilitate rapid Prototyping
  • Validate design decisions with prototypes