Advanced Analysis and Design
for Objects and Agents using UML

by Lawrence Corr


This seminar discusses advanced issues for analysis and design for objects and agents.

What you will learn

The seminar shows:

  • How to analyze and design systems using object-oriented and agent-based approaches-employing the UML approach and other new OMG (Object Management Group) Analysis and Design standards.
  • How to expand repositories and data warehouses to include object-oriented concepts.
  • How to make the transition from object-oriented analysis to implementation.
  • How to conceptualize system requirements using object-oriented and agent-based approaches that lead to sound design and programming efforts.
  • How to extend objects to be become agents.
  • Which new advanced techniques can be used to extend and customize conventional object-oriented practices.
  • How to use an object-oriented and agent-based approach to business process reengineering (BPR) and strategic planning.
  • What automated tools are available to support the object-oriented and agent-based approach.

Main Topics

  • The OO Approach
  • Object-Oriented Structure Modeling
  • Object-Oriented Behavior Modeling
  • Metamodeling
  • OO Approaches for High-Level Modeling
  • Design: The Transition to Implementation
  • OO Automation Support
  • OO as a Reality
  • Agents
  • Agent Anatomy
  • Agent Communication
  • Agent Cooperation
  • Adaptation
  • Emergence
  • Agents and Chaos
  • Decentralization
  • Agent UML
  • Agents as a Reality