Evaluating Business Intelligence Front-End Tools

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The Business Intelligence front-end tools empower Business users to make better decisions and improve Business performance. Deploy the right tool and your Business Intelligence initiative will be a raging success. Deploy the wrong tool for the wrong user, and your Data Warehouse becomes a data wasteland—inaccessible and inactionable. The Business Intelligence market is changing at an increasingly rapid pace with a spate of recent acquisitions and new products. This seminar provides an overview of the Business Intelligence market, latest trends, and strategic differences among leading vendors. The course provides a framework for evaluating Business Intelligence tools so that you can pick the best tool for your company. It’s an ideal course for any company new to BI or for customers trying to standardize on a single BI platform. The Business Intelligence tool is only one aspect to engaging business users, so the course concludes with Best Practices for ensuring greater Business Iintelligence success, addressing both broader technical and organizational issues.

Main Topics

  • BI Industry Overview
  • BI Buying – Strategic Considerations
  • Core BI modules
  • Product Packaging and Pricing
  • Optional Modules
  • Emerging Capabilities
  • Summary of Vendor/Product Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Best Practices for Successful Business Intelligence