The Next Generation of Data Warehousing Conference

by Mike Ferguson, Colin White, David Marco, Neil Radon, Douglas Hackney


Many corporations today are successfully employing data warehousing and business intelligence technology to leverage their Enterprise data to more effectively run their business operations with the objective of reducing costs and improving corporate profits and revenues.
The dramatic growth in the use of the Internet as a sales channel, however, means that business managers need to be able to react rapidly to changing business conditions, and must be able to incorporate e-Business data into the decision making process.
This conference, via a series of six half-day seminars, takes an in-depth look at the latest developments in data warehousing and business intelligence, and the impact of the Web on the decision making process.
The conference provides a unique opportunity to hear from leading experts about new developments.

Main Topics

  • e-Intelligence and Real-Time Analytics
  • Enterprise Information Portals
  • Closed-Loop e-CRM Systems
  • Metadata Interoperability
  • Analytic and Component-Driven Applications for E-Business
  • Packaged Data Warehouse Solutions