Agile Project Management for Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

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As you are managing your BI/DW project, you draw upon your past experience as a project manager. But to your dismay, you find that in spite of your experience, your BI/DW project is unusually difficult to manage. The requirements appear to be a "moving target." Communication between staff members takes too long. Assigning tasks in a traditional way seems to result in too much rework. Using a traditional methodology does not work. To top it all off, the business users are pressuring you for quick deliverables (90 days or less) while they are still “fine-tuning” their requirements. As the project team scrambles to meet those expectations, data standardization is skipped, testing is cut short, documentation is not done, and quality is compromised. The end result is often an independent data mart – always accompanied by the promise to clean it up later and to consolidate it with the other silo data marts (and data warehouses), which regrettably rarely happens. Sound familiar? So, how can you “have your cake and eat it too?" In other words, how can you build an integrated DW with quality and still deliver BI solutions in 90 days? You have to set aside some of the traditional project management disciplines and try a new approach. In this course, you will learn about spiral methodologies and “extreme scoping,” a development method based on software releases.

What you will learn

  • How to recognize and mitigate common DW risks and identify critical success factors
  • How to build your BI applications using software releases (based on XP principles)
  • How to use a spiral methodology to define, plan, and control your project
  • How to organize and empower your project teams, including their roles and responsibilities
  • How to manage multiple inter-dependent projects under one BI Program
  • How to overcome organizational and cultural barriers to implementing this new approach

Main Topics

  • Why traditional project management does not work on BI/DW projects
  • Common BI/DW failures and PM challenges
  • Software release concept with self-organizing project teams
  • Different project planning process
  • BI Roadmap spiral methodology
  • BI program management
  • Best practices/critical success factors
  • Organizational culture change