Enterprise Search Technology and How to Optimize It

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The ability to find information is a vital requirement in every organization, and yet it is increasingly difficult to find what we seek. In this course we will provide a thorough introduction to and grounding in Enterprise Search Technologies. We will explain clearly, in a step-by-step manner, how Enterprise Search Technology works. We’ll look at why Enterprise Search is of increasing importance to you and your organization, how to better manage content for findability, and explore the current Search Technology available. We will explore the phenomenon of Google, looking at cultural impact of the company’s brand, and then take a deep dive into the strengths and weaknesses of Google’s Enterprise Search offering versus the many others on the market, including Autonomy, Microsoft/FAST, Oracle, Lucene, and others. As we look at the Enterprise Search vendor marketplace, we’ll explore how the technology has evolved from straightforward Search Technology to more of a platform for not only searching but faceted browsing and Business data analysis/intelligence. We’ll look at strengths and weaknesses of each vendor and explore where potential conflicts may arise, in particular, the challenges of searching unstructured content. We’ll then explore different methods for improving your Search results via better Content Management and tuning the Search Technology itself. The course will remain strictly vendor-independent and will give real-world examples and methods. Overall this will be a highly practical course, suitable for both technical and more Business-Oriented attendees alike.

What you will learn

  • A thorough understanding of Enterprise Search Technologies
    • A step-by-step guide to how Enterprise Search Technology works
    • Typical challenges that arise when implementing Enterprise Search Technologies and how to combat them
  • A foundation in which to structure potential Enterprise Search projects
  • Enterprise Search Technology dependencies
  • Typical project approach and structure
  • How to manage content for better Search results
  • Content Management for Search including structured vs. unstructured Content and Metadata approaches

Main Topics

  • Understanding Enterprise Search Technology
  • The Enterprise Search Technology landscape
  • Managing content for better findability
  • Enterprise Search implementation and tuning
  • Identifying the tools and technology needed for successful Enterprise Search
  • Managing content for better information findability
  • An overview of the Search Technology marketplace, with details of strengths and weaknesses, including Google, Autonomy, Microsoft/FAST, and 15+ others