Data Warehouse: Architectures, Methodologies, and Technologies

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Designing and building a data warehouse is a difficult undertaking and requires careful planning in three key areas, business requirements, technology selection, and warehouse implementation.
A sound data warehouse architecture is also required if business users are to take advantage of powerful web-enabled DSS tools and scalable parallel database servers for accessing and analyzing corporate data that is scattered across the Enterprise.
This in-depth seminar discusses what data warehouse and data marts are, and the benefits that can be obtained from data warehouse applications.
It explains how to plan a data warehouse or data mart, different approaches to building them, and looks at products that support warehouse and data mart construction, warehouse management, end-user access and information delivery.

Main Topics

  • Developing a Business Plan for a Warehouse
  • The Role of Warehouse Architecture
  • Implementation Planning
  • The Common Business Model
  • Design techniques for Business Intelligence
  • Assessing Data Quality
  • Acquiring Data for the Warehouse
  • Managing Warehouse Metadata
  • Business Intelligence Tools and Analytic Application Packages
  • Enterprise Information Portals